Zarro Maxx 27

Zarro Maxx 27

Creativity, comfort and the distinctive character of Zarro.

Discover the possibilities

Searching for a luxurious powerboat with cabin?

Meet our Zarro Maxx 27!

Its powerful VolvoPenta or MercuryDiesel TDI engine, dynamic design with two double beds and pioneering technology undoubtedly make it the most impressive powerboat within its class.

VriPack engineers have designed the new and highly efficient underwater hull, which is suited for both inward and outward waters. The mixture of retro and modern lines takes the fancy of a broad audience.


Luxurious interior

The spacious cabin in the front of the vessel includes a lockable lavatory room with ample storage and optional deluxe panelling including a double bed (2.10m) and large sundeck to accommodate up to 4 persons in total.

Amidships you can find a functional kitchen with hot plate, sink and  stainless steel fridge (70L). The hot plate and sink can be covered with a deluxe glass cover.

The self-draining cockpit consists of two levels which results in a spacious feel and more importantly, headroom under the convertible top. The (sometimes inconvenient) large engine box is partially placed underneath the L-shaped couch, leaving extra space around the comfortable round seating behind the steering wheel.


Garmin touchscreen with CZone

The new 2018 model of the Zarro Maxx 27 has a 9 inch Garmin screen and CZone’s digital switching system. This system combines all electric components aboard and gives you an optimal overview and supervision from a display that is easily managed.

The Garmin touchscreen is easy to use and has several built-in coastal water maps, inland waterway maps, echo sounder and Wi-Fi. The pre-programmed modes automatically optimize your vessel in specific situations. Whether you’re out for a day of fishing or cruising, CZone simplifies the driving of your vessel. Make your time on the water more pleasant and safe by letting CZone do the thinking!

Garmin Smartwatch

The Garmin quatix 5 is designed especially for water sports enthusiasts. This maritime multisport smartwatch with 64GB capacity offers a wide variety of functionalities as well as the ability to control your vessel.

The connection with Garmin chart plotters and other Garmin appliances makes it possible to stream the boat’s data: speed, depth, wind and temperature can easily be read from the quatix. The built-in FusionLink Lite App operates the entertainment system aboard: stereo models with ANT-functionality and StereoActive devices can be connected.

If your boat possesses an autopilot, the smartwatch also has access to a GHC-20 control unit that can operate the steering: you can change the course and swing, turn and steer the boat. Moreover, you can mark waypoints from a distance and automatically synchronise these with the Garmin chart plotter.

Naturally the quatix also includes the standard functions of a smartwatch: heart rate monitor, GPS, multiple applications and receiving messages and phone notifications. Even advanced fitness-functions are available.

Drive like an experienced skipper

New: Joystick Piloting

This new technology allows the Mercury Diesel inboard engines to work with bow and stern thrusters. This provides ultimate vessel control and driving experience. Thanks to the increased manoeuvrability, it is even easier to dock the ship.

Move the joystick in any direction and your ship will follow. You can also twist the joystick and your ship will rotate around the axis.

The new joystick technology is now exclusively available on the Zarro Maxx 27 and Zarro Z28.

Video Zarro Maxx 27


Overall length:    8.25 m / 27 ft
Overall width:    2.65 m / 8.7 ft
Draft:    0.70 m / 2.3 ft
Headway: 1.20 m / 3.9 ft
Weight:  2300 kg (without engine)
Classification: C / B
Max engine:   300 hp
Thickness polyester deck:    12mm polyester
Thickness polyester hull:    Dubbel sandwich 30mm
Hull: Hand-lay-up  30mm
Warranty:    3 years
Price starting at:    € 157.500,- excl.