Zarro Master 22 WB

Zarro Master 22 WB

A modern, low-maintenance cruiser

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Zarro Master 22 WB

Zarro Master 22 WB

A modern, low-maintenance cruiser

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Zarro Master 22WB

This cruiser distinguishes itself because of the well-built, sustainable materials. The Master 22 is an innovative cruiser inspired by Baltic Sea life boats.   

Because of the large width and heavy skeg this cruiser is extremely stable, it can quietly float on waves. In combination with its high freeboard, the Master 22 can be easily sailed on large waterways. 

Useful details

The base of this cruiser is a modern polyester interior with many useful details. For example, the Master 22 has integrated boarding stairs, to make very easy to step aboard. 

Another practical detail is added to the driver’s seat. It is designed with a high back support, to make it as comfortable as possible. 

Perfect cruiser for a weekend

The large interior (210x165cm) is designed to create a double bed. This cruiser also includes a sink, fridge, cooking plate and toilet, which makes this boat perfect to take out for a weekend! The entire boat is double-walled. This excludes condensation and makes it also easy to clean. 

Because of the excellent maneuverability, you can sail on smaller inland waters or larger waterways. The interior is designed to fit 9 people comfortably. 


Large choice in engines

We paid extra attention to the placement of the steering wheel and engine control panel to make this cruiser very easy to use.  Because of the large choice in Vetus diesel engines (2 cil 16HP, 3 cil 27 HP or 3 cil 29HP Volvo Penta) and the many possible options, we can make custom-made a perfect cruiser for everyone. 


Overall length:    6.50 m
Overall width:    2.50 m
Draft:    60 cm
Headway: 0.95 m
Weight:  1275 (without engine)
Classification: C
Max engine:   20 kw
Thickness polyester deck:    6/8 mm
Thickness polyester hull:    10/12 mm
Hull: Overnaads hand-lay-up polyester
Warranty:    3 years
Price starting at:    € 31.990,-