Zarro Vision 25 Cabin

Zarro Vision 25 Cabin

A timeless, classic cabin cruiser with chique, elegant and also robust details

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A cabin cruiser that is luxurious and can take a punch?

Zarro Vision 25C Luxe Kajuit Cruiser Zarro Vision 25C

The Zarro Vision 25 is what you’re looking for!

The Vision 25 is a cabin cruiser with classic lines that appears chic, elegant and robust at the same time. This cabin cruiser is perfect for a day of sailing with a boat that makes you feel free and safe, in all weather conditions.

Convenient and spacious

The Vision is a highly practical cabin cruiser. The polyester hull has flowing lines and is very stable. Special features are the low headroom (1.40m), standing height in the cabin (1.78m) and minimal draught that allows sailing the more adventurous waterways. The wide gangways combined with an adjustable driver’s seat and carefully shaped console without engine box create otpimal space in the cockpit.


The interior of this cabin cruiser is spacious, playful and comfortable. Whilst designing this boat, much thought has been given to the seating position and sofas. The sealed cabin in the front of the boat has a large double bed and separate lockable toilet; this ensures privacy without losing any space. The cabin also has a cockpit table.

The kitchen unit includes a sink and stove, and offers enough workspace as well as storage space, with three drawers and a refrigerator. The sink and stove can be covered with a black glass plate. Opposite of the kitchen unit sits a double sofa. In the rear of the boat sits the steering wheel with adjustable driver’s seat in a round bench. Attached to the steering wheel is a second, smaller cockpit table.


The standard model Vision 25 is equipped with a 16hp Vetus 2-cylinder Diesel engine. Watersports enthusiasts looking for more power can choose a 28hp or 42hp Vetus 3-cylinder Diesel engine. With every option, the engine is hidden below the floor and there is no engine hatch.

Additional options

The standard model is complete and ready to set sail. However, as everything is built in-house, it is possible to modify the Vision to your wishes. We offer many additional options you can choose from to complement your perfect boat. These options and their prices can be found in the pricelist on the left side of this page.


Overall length:    7.50 m
Overall width:    2.72 m
Draft:    0.60 m
Headway:    1.38 m
Classification: C
Max engine:    42 hp
Thickness polyester deck:    13/15 mm
Thickness polyester hull: 15/16 mm
Warranty:    3 years
Price starting at:    € 64.800,-