Zarro Cruiser 28

Zarro Cruiser 28

A stylish cabin cruiser with a touch of nostalgia

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Zarro Cruiser 28

This new cruiser is equipped with modern comfort which makes for a very pleasant stay on board during the longer tours.

The Zarro Cruiser 28 is available in different versions, from modern and light-footed to more classic to make sure it will fit your style and needs. 

Spacious sleeping accommodation

The cabin provides a cooking plate with sink, seperate toilet with sink and two or four spacious sleeping places. This is expandable to 6. 

The cabin has enough space for guests who will have a fridge and mini-bar within reach. A powerful modern VolvoPenta turbo diesel engine will guide you silently during your trip.

Sail on all coastal and inland waters

The Zarro Cruiser 28, is really an innovative boat on all coastal and inland waters. We now included a Track and Trace system in every Zarro boat.

Please contact us if you would like to test drive the Cruiser 28!


Overall length:    8.60 m
Overall width:    2.79 m
Draft:    0.70 m
Classification: C option B
Max engine:    230 hp
Thickness polyester deck:    17 mm
Thickness polyester hull:    17 mm
Warranty:    3 year
Price starting at:    € 126.900,-