The complete line of Zarro powerboats, yachts and cruisers are boats of Dutch quality and all hand,- and custom-made. That is what makes Zarro one of a kind!

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Dutch craftsmanship

The complete line of Zarro powerboats, yachts and cruisers are handmade and customer-made boats of Dutch quality. That is what makes Zarro boats one of a kind!

High quality and long life span

In the production of Zarro boats, quality and service are most important. Our boats including polyester hull are built on our own shipyard in Dronrijp (the Netherlands) and are solely made of Lloyd’s polyester resins to ensure quality. After the application of two layers of iso-gelcoat in the production mould, an initial layer of glass mat with vinyl ester resin is applied using the hand lay up method. The vinyl ester resin combined with the iso-gelcoat results in a higher quality and a longer life span than traditional resins.

Optimal strength and high impact pressure

Next, using the spray up method, the laminate is applied in layers until the desired thickness is reached. The thickness varies between 9-15 mm, which will guarantee optimal strength and a high impact pressure.

Plentiful bulkheads and hull frames

As only the best is good enough, all boats built in our shipyard are plentifully provided with bulkheads and hull frames in order to make the boat a stable unit. As a result, it consists solely of lamination, unlike the common semi-foamed boat. This sustainable process guarantees a long life span.

Reliable VolvoPenta, MercuryDiesel or Vetus engine

Zarro uses modern VolvoPenta, Mercury or Vetus diesel engines on all boats. These engines have proven to be the best on the market. Therefore we will give you a 3-year warranty on these engines. 

In-house production

On our own shipyard, we build in a unique way: everything is made by hand and completely in-house. Just how boats were used to be build. 

If you would like to see our traditional craftmanship, you are welcome to visit our workplace.

Production process of the Zarro Maxx 27