Zarro Dutch Quality Boats

Zarro Dutch Quality Boats

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New generation Zarro Maxx 27

New generation Zarro Maxx 27

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About Zarro

About Zarro

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ZARRO Yachts, Powerboats, Tenders and Cruisers

For almost 20 years, Zarro boats and yachts have characterized by craftmanship, innovation and functionality. All Zarro boats are built on our own shipyard in Dronrijp (The Netherlands). Our luxurious yachts, powerboats, tender boats and cruisers are the best Dutch quality boats on the market.  


hand-built quality boats

Each Zarro yacht, powerboat or tender is built with passion and an obsession for quality. 

Why choose for Zarro?


Zarro has delivered outstanding quality for almost 20 years.


Zarro boats are famous for their innovative design and technical features.


Our services enable you to cruise care-free wherever you want.